District Profile

Gondia district,part of the Nagpur division,is a forest dominated district located in the eastern Vidarbha region and is one of the major rice producing districts in the state. Gondia shares its borders with Chandrapur,Gadchiroli,Bhandara in Maharashtra and Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh and Rajnandgaon in Chattisgarh. The district has eight talukas that are administered from Gondia city,which is the district headquarter. the talukas are Tiroda,Goregaon,Amgaon,Gondia,Salekasa,Sadak Arjuni,Arjuni Morgaon and Deori.

Gondia falls in high rainfall zone and in IX th agro climatic zone which is characterized by rainfall of 1412.8 mm and soil is originated from rocks of mixed origin.paddy is major crop grown in kharif.

The General Characteristics of Gondia District:

1. Total Geographical area 5,43,000 ha.
2 Total population 8,12,226
3 Total Male 5,98,487
  a) Literate 4,59,553
  b) Illiterate 1,38,894
4 Total female 6,01,704
  a) Literate 3,22,673
    b) Illiterate 2,49,031
5  Area under Forest 2,86,300 ha.
6  Area under kharif crops 1,83,900 ha.
7  Area under rabi crops 23,900 ha.
8  Area under summer crops 5,800 ha.
9   Area under  
  a) Light soils (Depth 1 ft.) 1,54,000 ha.
  b) Medium soils (Depth 1 – 2 ft.) 53,400 ha.
  c) Heavy soils (Depth more than 2 ft.)            –

Irrigation Sources of Gondia Tahsil:

Wells, Canals, Bodies, Bore wells and Tank are the sources of irrigation. The details are as below:

Sr.No. Source No. Expected Area(Ha.)
01 Major irrigation project 03 98,324
02 Medium irrigation project 18 54,511
03 Small irrigation project (State level) 46 33,892
04 Small irrigation project (Local level) 286 10,174
05 Kolhapuri bandhara (State level) 09 1,869
06 Kolhapuri bandhara (Local level) 536 14,070
07 Well irrigation 5,265 7,755
          Total   2,20,595

Cropping pattern of Gondia District:

Kharif – Paddy

Rabi – Gram, Wheat, Linseed, Sunflower, Green gram, Black gram, (after paddy), Lathyrus, Rajma etc.

Rabi after kharif fallow – Linseed, Sesamum, Green gram, Black gram, Wheat, Gram etc,