01Name of the staff: Dr. Shakir Ali Qayyum Ali Syed

Designation: Senior Scientist and Head
Educational Qualification:Ph.D.(Agril.Extension)

Mobile:+91 94223 80282

Email Id:asshakir@rediffmail.com
02Name of the staff: Mr.Rajebhau D.Chavan

Designation:I/c Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection)

Educational Qualification:M.Sc.(Entomology)

Mobile:+91 84849 84120

Email Id:rajebhauchavan10@gmail.com
03Name of the staff: Mr.Manoj V. Bhomte

Designation:Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy)

Educational Qualification:M.Sc.(Agronomy)

Mobile No.:+91 94034 65688

Email Id:forester.manoj@gmail.com
04Name of the staff: Dr.Kalyani W.Sarap

Designation:Subject Matter Specialist (AHDS)

Educational Qualification:M.Sc.(Agril) Ph.D.(LPM)

Mobile No.:+91 90968 70550

Email Id:ishasarap@gmail.com
05Name of the staff: Mr.Vishal P. Ubarhande

Designation:Subject Matter Specialist (Agril.Engg.)

Educational Qualification:M.Tech (Agril.Engg.)

Mobile:+91 94045 07974

Email Id:vishalubarhande@gmail.com
07Name of the staff: Dr.Vijaykumar T.Kore

Designation:Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture)

Educational Qualification: Ph.D. (Horticulture)

Mobile:+91 9527160897

Email Id:korevijay56@gmail.com
08Name of the staff: Mr.Rajesh P. Chavhan

Designation:Programme Assistant (Computer)

Educational Qualification: B.E.(Computer Technology)

Mobile:+91 85520 03444

Email Id:packvkgondia@gmail.com
09Name of the staff: Mr.Ganesh R. Khedikar

Designation:Programme Assistant (Lab.Tech.)

Educational Qualification:M.Sc.(Soil Sci.& Agril.Chem.)

Mobile:+91 94043 01853

Email Id:gkhedikar1986@gmail.com
10Name of the staff: Mr.Ganesh D. Gusinge

Designation: Assistant

Educational Qualification: B. Com, M.Com

Mobile:+91 91581 58143

Email Id:ganesh143rajput@gmail.com
13Name of the staff: Mr.Rahul D. Paturde

Designation:Driver cum Mechanic

Educational Qualification:B.A. D.ed.

Mobile:+91 94040 45296

Email Id:rahulpaturde2020@gmail.com
14 Name of the staff: Mr.Vishal V. Karne

Designation:Driver cum Mechanic

Educational Qualification:B.A.D.ed.

Mobile:+91 96734 30799

Email Id:vishalkarne1234@gmail.com
15Name of the staff: Mr.Subhash A.Padghan

Designation: Skilled Support Staff

Educational Qualification: H.S.C Diploma in Agriculture

Mobile:+91 72187 57174

Email Id:subhashpadghan4@gmail.com
16Name of the staff: Mr.Dnyandip V.Gahane

Designation: Skilled Support Staff

Educational Qualification: B.Com.D. ed.

Mobile:+91 9404308565

Email Id:dnyandipgahane21191@gmail.com