Participation in AGROVISION-2022  Exhibition  at Nagpur

Participated and guided the farmers during AGROVISION-2022  Exhibition  at Dr. PDKV Ground Dhaba for  Dr. PDKV Stall. For this Exhibition  Various boards on Lac culture, Azolla, Vermicompost preperation, Soil testing  were prepared and displayed  in the stall. In addition  to this Live sample  of Lac insect, Azolla culture with model was displayed  for the farmers. From 25- 28 November 2022. Dr.Syed Shakir Ali Senior Scientist and Head,  Mr. Vishal Ubarhande SMS(Agril. Engg), Mr R D Chavan SMS (Ento), Mr Manoj Bhomte SMS (Agro), Dr.Kalyani Sarap SMS (AHDS), Dr.Vijaykumar Kore SMS (Hort), Mr Ganesh Khedikar P A (Lab Tech) along with drivers and supporting staff were present and guided the farmers.